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"Our technological powers increase, but the side effects and potential hazards also escalate."

- Alvin Toffler

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More than a Managed Service Provider (MSP)...

We want to be Your I.T. Department that is an extension of your company. For over 20 years, we have been assisting people with vast amount of technologies and want to provide the best-in-class IT services.

If you have an I.T. Department or I.T. Administrator already, you can now extend your I.T. Department to include other solutions, products, services and support by integrating the I.T. Department Solution. We’re committed to serving you, your employees, and your customers with quality; accurate information.


I.T. Team

Information Technology teams are made up of Solution Architects, I.T. Administrators, Technologists, Specialists, Network Engineers, Help Desk Technicians, Repair Technicians and Technology Coordinators.


I.T. Department oversees the installation and maintenance of computer, telephone, video and web network systems within your company.


More than just a help desk… This is where we not only help users when they call in with a problem but where we monitor, manage, plan and administer your entire technology network.


Delegation of authority as well as implementation of operational parameters for working units and individuals’ use of I.T. systems, architecture and networks.


Available Services, Managed

Integrated I.T. Department Solution
Managed Services
Managed Assets
Proactive Services
Unified Security Management
Security Penetration Testing
Backup & Disaster Planning and Recovery
E-Mail Archiving
Monitoring & Maintenance
Web Services
Software Catalog
Phone, Audio and Video Solutions

IT Department Solution sm

We want to be your integrated I.T. Department that is an extension of your company.

Additional Resources for
Your Budget

Application & Data Management

Manages enterprise resource planning for your company and develops, administers, and maintains applications to support your employees and customers.

Data Center Operations

Manages the relationships with various companies and data centers for your company's infrastructure technology.


The Help Desk functions as the first point of contact for end-users to report incidents or request assistance.

Network Services

Manages telecommunications, telephone directory, voice, video and data network services. Network services includes the local, wide area network infrastructures and security.

Office of Operations

Oversees finances and budgeting, best rates with us or your company's vendors for procurement of licensing, and contract management.

Production Support Services

Provision services centered on high capacity printing, document sharing and storage, mailing and delivery solutions.

Project & Portfolio Management

Providing portfolio management, high level program and project management, resource deployment, communication and training.

Strategy Planning & Administration

Develops enterprise policies and standards, strategic planning with overseeing I.T. Governance. Each department in your company manages the policies and standards for their department and passes that information to Your I.T. Department.

Vendor Relationship Management

Maintains the business relationship between your company and the technology vendor to enable better linkage and strategic tactical levels.

Trust, Safety,
Respect, Integrity.

We believe in the Delegation of Authority when it comes to your digital world. If you feel trust is an important part of working with a person or company who enters your digital world, then you should start your relationship with us now. We follow compliance laws, policies, procedures, and ethics when working with your sensitive information data. 

All of our Skills in one

we work.

We have developed our infrastructure from the ground up. Partnerships with various technology manufactures and software developers gives us the ability to service our customers in ways that were not possible in the past.

can we do for you?

We are your Solutions & Support provider with skillsets for a wide variety of technologies, web services, home & business networks, and technical support.

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