Malwarebytes Security for Business

Gizmo Wexler
2020-02-14 20:09

Simplify Security for Your Business

Get world class security that scales as you grow. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security and Breach Remediation provide industry-leading endpoint security.

Protect Your Business from Ransomeware

How Ransomeware Costs You Big

Once your files are encrypted, you can't get the files back—unless you pay the ransom. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations estimates that businesses can expect to lose more than $67,000 for 1,000 lost records. As the size of the breach increases, so does the cost. Newer forms of ransomware will even threaten businesses with leaking their files online.

Be Proactive

There’s no guarantee that paying the ransom will give you access to your files again. It also makes you a target for future malware infection. The best protection is prevention. Install Malwarebytes security to detect and block ransomware attacks before they happen.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is an advanced endpoint protection platform that protects your endpoints against unknown and known threats. It integrates all of our industry-leading protection and remediation technology into one powerful solution. It’s scalable up to thousands of endpoints.

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